Imalac is a technology company focused on increasing the efficiency and practicality of breast pumping for lactating women by coupling breast massage with the use of an electric pump. Through the introduction of our hands-free breast massage system lactating women who wish to provide ideal nutrition for their infants will be able to do so with ease and comfort and will benefit from:


Decreased pumping time

Research shows that hand expression can speed up mother’s milk production so each pumping session is more efficient.

Greater milk supply and a higher fat and calorie concentration in their milk

Breast massage not only increases milk production, but the use of hand expression has been shown to increase the fat and calorie content of the expressed milk. This is due to the fact that breast massage increases the likelihood of emptying the breast, therefore extracting hindmilk where the high in fat and calorie count milk is found.  When you couple breast massage with the use of an electric pump, lactating women are presented with greater milk supply and a higher fat and calorie concentration in their milk. Learn more ➜

True hands free experience eliminating inefficient and tiring hand massage

Breastfeeding is a serious commitment of time and effort. Adding a hand massage component to each pumping session is even more exhausting.  Imalac’s breast massage system is compatible with almost any electric pump currently on the market and is worn like a bra to truly eliminate the need for your hands.  Now nursing mothers are free to actually do what they do best, multi-task!

Enhanced comfort of breast pumping experience

Mother’s can sit back and relax, take care of their little one or continue their day at the office with ease.  The Imalac breast massage system makes for a more efficient and practical pumping session for lactating mothers.


Smartphone compatible

The Imalac system wirelessly connects to Apple and Android products.